Christian Graduating from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.

I know scouting is a fantastic program, but it pushes my "I'm a bad mom" button.  
My boys uniforms don't have all their patches sewed on and the ones that are on there, 
are crooked.
An array of belt loops are scattered around the house.
Christian has been in Boy Scouts for two months and I just found out there is a scout book that he needs.
And a sash.
And a neckerchief.
And a compass patch.
I can hardly keep up with it.
Three months ago, when the boys were earning their awards, all the other moms had fancy ribbons to put
their mommy awards. 
I had never seen one before.
I pinned my pin on my coat and have kept it there for months.
I forget it's there.
There are so many things to do as a mom.  
So many.  
Sometimes an intricate program is too much.
But I keep going and hoping that by the time I get to boy #4 I'll do better.
I do it because, despite not winning scouting family of the year, I see the good it does for the boys, even if they never get to wear their patches on their shirt.  

Congratulations Christian - you did it, despite being in Canada for half the year and having a mom
who doesn't get it.

Side note:  The man in the last picture dressed up as the headless horseman for Halloween.  He rode a horse around the neighborhood and had a cape the hid his head, complete with a illuminated jack-o-lantern. He tossed candy at kids as he rode by.  It made Halloween extra special to hear horse hoofs clopping on the pavement in the dark of night.  Spoooooky.


Dorothy said…
Aren't the scouts in our ward amazing!?! Please forgive me, I laughed out loud when reading this post because I've felt the same way as you--especially about sewing the badges on the uniforms. One of the other moms was telling me about Badge Magic though, so I'm going to buy some of that next time I'm near the scout store. I'll pick you up some if you want. It sticks the badges on like stickers.

I do love scouts though for the reasons you mentioned. As we've worked on the merit badges with Jared, I've commented to Dan several times, "Every boy in America should be required to do and learn these things. We would have a better country for it!"
Kelly said…
You are one of those amazing moms!

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