Christian is playing violin.  He's playing fiddle songs and songs form Lord of the Rings.  His science fair project is going to district.  He tried to determine if left handed people did better in math. Einstein, Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven and Michael Angelo were all left-handed.  5 of the last 7 presidents of the USA were left handed.  10% of the population is left handed but 20% of geniuses are left handed.  Did I ever mention that I'm left handed?

Porter is playing the piano and "enjoying" it.  When he decides he doesn't like it he has the choice to practice or clean during the time he would have practiced. (A trick I learned from one of the Dixie Chick girls.).  He always chooses piano.  His best songs are Mickey Mouse song and Star Wars Theme.  We do these in a duet and end with a high five.  Our standards are low so we feel like we rocked it.

Warrick still plays half of Good King Wenceslas on mostly black keys and spends the mornings playing with Stafford or friends.  He works hard at being a peace maker and did both Christian and Porters chores this morning.
Warrick, Tanner, Stafford
 playing in t-shirts
in January

Stafford is in a mom's co-op preschool once a week.  He is will all girls.  We have a Valentine's Day party at our house for it tomorrow.  It should be good odds for him.

Glenn still enjoys his job and the people he works with. Stafford is modeling a little Stonehenge totem necklace that Glenn brought each of the boys from England.  (I see blogs where the girls are working it and posing like crazy.  At our house this is what we get.  It's the best he can do.  Don't judge.  He's trying - hard.)

I am still working with the Laurels in my ward.  There are 15 of them and 30 priests. I have also been the sports coach for Volleyball and basketball.  Volleyball was rough, but basketball has been great.  We are currently ranked first in our stake and will go to the tournament.  It's fun to win - I don't care what they say.

We enjoy having grandparents close.  We don't see them too often and it tends to go in spurts, but it is nice to know that they are there just in case.  One time when Glenn was out of town, the power went out for thousands of households.  They didn't know how long it would be off.  There were all sorts of rumors that there was a bomb in the power plant and things like that, but I think the truth was much less exciting than what our imaginations came up with.  I didn't have a phone.  It was before I had a cell and our phone goes through the computer.  I also couldn't drive anywhere because I couldn't get the garage door to open.  I was trapped and isolated.  I was hunkered down waiting.  It was a nice sight to have Dad drive up in his little red truck to see if we were alright and to promise to check on us if the power didn't come back on by a certain time.  It did come back on in a few hours so no checking was needed, but it was nice to know there was a net there.  It's easier to flip if a net is there.

We continue to face the ups and downs of life.  We continue to try to correct our course and do what we think is best and we continue to pray and ask God to fix what we thought was best.


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