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Friday, March 23, 2012

Angel's Landing

This is one of my favorite hikes.  
Glenn, Me, Stafford, Christian, Porter, Finley
The crew that made it to the top.

There was a little cave that you could climb into and then peak out.  Porter climbed in in order to scare Uncle Stafford and Cousin Finley.  His plan was foiled when a couple, minding their own business, came by first.  They thought it would be a great place for a photo.  As the guy climbed in, Porter was coming out and the movement of a large object scared the guy to death.  He said he thought it was some kind of animal.  Our family motto - A good scare is always worth a few extra minutes of one's time.
Porter hurt his ankle a few days before and when jumping down off a rock on the hike, he hurt it again.    Keep in  mind that Porter is not a little kid anymore and close to 80 pounds.  Dad to the rescue.


Barry and Shannon said...

those pictures make my hands sweat and my heart skip a beat. it looks terrifying.

Dorothy said...

What beautiful pictures! This is one of our favorite hikes as well, but we haven't been brave enough to take our kids yet. You're our inspiration! I honestly believe this is one of the most breathtaking views in the entire world.

Kelly said...

I have to admit that it seemed a lot more risky once I had my kids on the hike. It was more dangerous than I remembered, but it was still a great experience.