Cousin Ella Comes to Visit

 As soon as we got home from camping,
we began clean-up and getting ready for our next thing.
Ella lived in Colorado Springs when we lived there and as a result, 
she and Christian developed a close bond.  They are 9 months apart in age.

After she arrived, she and Christian went on a motorized scooter ride
and then we all went to Glenn's company party at Fat Cats.
Glenn had school that evening so he came late,
but that didn't stop us from enjoying food, bowling, arcade games and mini-golf all for free.
They played music and we couldn't help but to bust out a move here and there.
There were cheers and high fives.
Warrick even managed to get a gutter ball WITH bumpers.
That takes talent.
I'm so proud.
And I finally found someone worse than I am at bowling
I think I'll invite her over more often.

Saturday morning Christian and Ella headed out to baptisms at the temple.

After the two of them made no-bake cookies, 
 they went to the movie, Catching Fire. 
We had pizza for dinner just before she headed out to the next stop of her trip.

Ella came back two days later for her last night in Utah.
I invited the cousins that were attending BYU to come over for dinner.
Glenn was in Europe so I hesitated to take on the hostess role.
(Usually when he is gone dinner is easy like grilled cheese, frozen lasagna, macaroni and cheese, etc.)
I made a very simple meal.
Turkey breast, carrots, baked potatoes, Rhodes bread, and for dessert, white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies.
(I had frozen extra cookie dough a couple of weeks ago for an emergency such as this.)
Blaine and Paige were the only ones that could come, but as always, we had a great time and I really enjoyed their company - even though we ate off of paper plates.

Ella and I woke up early the next morning and headed to the airport.
It was so fun to talk to her and hear about her life and her thoughts.
We had an adventure of missing exits, getting in trouble in security and then teaming up with a security guard to hide my soda that I didn't want to part with.


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