Update in a Flash

Glenn - almost finished with MBA (end of June), still traveling to cool places with work
Kelly - teaching yoga at two different places, using yoga as a missionary tool
Christian - school musical, spring training for football, will do swimming this summer
Porter - piano, friends, will start lacrosse and swimming in the summer
Warrick - piano, loves school, hopefully will do swimming this summer if arm isn't broken
Stafford - friends, will do t-ball this summer,

Family news - Since the beginning of this year we traveled as a family to Colorado and Reno.  Both were great trips full of memories.  We are hoping to add some camping trips to the line-up soon.  My mom has finished her chemo treatments and we are hoping to go see her for Easter.  Glenn is going on a 2 week trip with his MBA class during the last few weeks of the kids school.  If anyone has any tips on how to keep everyone's limbs and lives in tact during such an event, please send them to me.  It always starts out smoothly and then...

Highlight Story
Stafford is liking Kindergarten enough to not complain about it every morning.  He had a problem on the bus and said he thought he could "handle it", but the kid was two years older and had his sister as backup.  Stafford felt pretty intimidated, especially when the kid listed off all the martial arts disciplines he had mastered.  I stooped to the level of a five year old and reassured Stafford that Glenn was stronger than the other kid's dad, not to mention I'm taller than the kid's dad.  Stafford thought the tall comment was hilarious and his head leaned back in huge laughter.  Low blow.  I know, but the kids comes from a family of bullies so I didn't feel too guilty since it was a true statement. The next day Stafford's brothers flanked him on both sides.  Issued solved.


azandersens said…
Everyone has to learn about "Little Big Man" complex sometime. Better early than later, I say!

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