Guys and Dolls

A few months ago,
Christian was thinking of trying out for the school play.
I told him to just watch this year and then maybe think about it next year.
(I'm encouraging like that.)
Despite his mother's encouragement, he decided to do it anyway.

Grandma Small hooked us up with some Broadway tunes.
And he decided to sing "16 Going on 17" from the Sound of Music.
Cousin Blaine came from BYU to play the piano for his audition.
Turns out he made it.
Cousins - Madison, Blaine and Paige (These guys were a blast to watch the play with!!!)
The play was short and kept even Stafford's attention.
Stafford dressed up the next day and sang part of a song he remembered.
Porter enjoyed the play so much that he came back a second time.
This play was so fun for me to watch!
Closing night was on my birthday and while I had initially planned on taking the day off from the play,
when it came right down to it, 
there was nothing I would have rather done.

Christian's part was initially to just be a little cop that followed the 6'3" ninth grade detective around.
Christian hammed it up and soon became known as the "scene stealer" even though he didn't say a word.
They named him, Rent-A-Cop.
One of the directors came up to me and told me how much fun they had with Christian.
She said, "The things that he did that were the most funny, he came up with on his own."  
She told me that he had great talent for comedic timing.

I'm thankful for an experience where he was able to try something new
and have a good time with good kids.


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