The World is Their Playground

 These boys have been bouncing off the walls lately.
Every time I look, they seem to have organized some kind of a sport out of household items.
I have banned baseball and golf as I don't allow swinging long poles in the house.
Believe me, it's a good rule.

This morning, they took a small ball and were trying to make a basket in the chandelier above our table.
They boys surrounded the table and if they missed, there was a mad dash, thumps and dives, to see who would get the ball next - no turn taking only the fastest/closest man wins the ball to try for the next shot.

Yesterday I bought an inflatable "donut" so sit on since I mysteriously hurt my tail bone. 
It has been heaven, but I kept finding it like this.
They created a ring toss game using the cat scratcher.  
It was complete with rules and a point scale.

Sunday was volleyball.
They went and got some ribbon and tied it on one end of the family room to the other.
This was the net.
They kept score,
started a tournament 
and became really competitive.
It was giggles,
sweat, and bonding.
After the championship game of the tournament, there were tears,
but the 2nd place finisher tried to be a good sport, despite his heartache and red eyes.
(I must add that there were actually several championship games.  Every time he lost, he called for a "do-over".  
The other brother obliged.
The games were all close.
But in the end,
age won.)


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