Summer Kick Off - Boating

Glenn Tries to Wake Board
George Tries to Coach 

Warrick, Porter, Christian, Allen B 
L to R - Stafford, Me, Porter, Benson B.
On the run before this, Christian was in Porter's spot and Porter in my spot.
Christian would put his foot in and spray Porter.
Porter decided to do that to me.
I told him to not bite the hand that feeds him.
I heard him say to Benson, "Look how wet I can get my mom."
Our next Family Home Evening Lesson will be titled, "Respect".

I love seeing Glenn with our boys.


The Happy Gal said…
Looks like so much fun! We love boating, and it is a perfect activity for our family. This year my 14 year old son was as excited as my 3 year old daughter to kick off the boating season. Love your fun blog. You are a great writer!

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