And There Was Light - Summary Book Review

And There was Light - Book Review
This is an autobiography about a blind man who was key in the French Resistance during WWII. But it is just as much a book about what it is like to be blind. It is also a book about friendship. I liked the book because it was a unique perspective of how a blind man survived being a prisoner of the Nazis. I thought the book would focus more on the man’s experiences during the war, but instead I got a very philosophical view of a blind child and his experiences. The reader of this book should be aware that he will hear the story of this remarkable man from the time he became blind until after his survival of a prison camp. My sum up in two words - Interesting viewpoint. Score 3.5 (due to expectations of it just being about WWII issues, but instead being more about a man being blind - not what I was looking for, but interesting, nonetheless.)


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