Valentine's Day

Our fish is dead. Our cat wishes to be dead. (Today the cat is sporting a Valentine sticker on his back - given from the heart. The cat doesn't seem to mind. I think it is the least of his problems.)

Just a note for the animal activists. In all seriousness this cat has it pretty good and Glenn even kind of likes it.

Now we are off to a cookie exchange with some gals I know.

The boys are playing with two of the neighbor boys downstairs. One of which has very stinky shoes - like a dead animal is living there. They were all mashed into a play tent and Christian said, "Something stinks in here so one of you has to get out." Share the love. I'm about to make sure he doesn't take his shoes off. I'm afraid of the surprise we might find. Poor kid - no one wants to be the one with the stinky shoes.


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