The Week Before Valentine's Day

Glenn is now deep in remodeling out basement. Our neighbor is a contractor and is helping us, but Glenn is doing the electrical and I have to say how impressed I am that he can figure it all out and make it all work. Pretty cool, but he has been down in our dungeon for the last two Saturdays and we miss him!

Christian gave a talk today in Primary. He had in his mind exactly what he wanted to do and that included a story about dinosaurs, asking for a volunteer to help and a small battle among the dinosaurs. All ended well and the point was that a certain group of dinosaurs worked together, even though before hand they hadn’t gotten along, and they “defeated” the big bad dinosaurs.

Porter has a very sensitive nose – like his father and his grandfather before him. When he messes his diaper, he says, “What’s that smell?” and can hardly bear it. (He’s not the only one.)
Through a story that is not worth mentioning, we ended up with a goldfish. I never knew goldfish could be as exciting as this one is to Porter. He takes it anywhere I will let him and lays next to it on our kitchen floor and just watches it. I put it on a little platform next to his bed when he sleeps and Porter thinks that is pretty neat. He constantly wants to feed it as he is certain that it is starving. He told me that it is swimming around and that means that he’s hungry. The fish is named Curious George.

Glenn and I finished the first season of 24. I feel the way I feel when I finish a good book. Glad it is over, yet missing the excitement of it all.

See you soon.


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