My kids now wear sunglasses all the time. We let them pick out their own at Wal-Mart.

Warrick said, "I want those." I couldn't tell which he was pointing at.

I guessed a few times, but then he said, "The gil (that's how he says girl) ones."

I reached for the hot pink ones with the fake studded diamonds around the rim. Yep, those were the ones he was wanting. He loves them. When he puts them on he says, “Now I can turn into any gil I want.” He also chose the pink bubbles and when we went to Krispy Kreme he wanted to have the “gil donut”. (The one with pink frosting.)

You may be asking if we’re concerned. No, but we’ve started to teach him how to play football and belch. He should be fine.


Jen said…
Funny what they come up with!
azandersens said…
Like my husband says, as long as he learns to pee standing up he'll be fine. :) HAPPY B-DAY!!
Kelly said…
That's too funny.

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