We celebrated my birthday and the boys were excited to invited to my party.

Last weekend Christian went on a trip with his Small Grandparents to Colorado to visit cousins.

Wednesday night I went into labor and about 3 1/2 hours later I had a beautiful baby boy. Everything went really well and the labor wasn't as intense as Warrick's was.

The older three boys went to St. George that afternoon and we expect them back this Monday. It has been a nice break for me and it has been nice to bond with little Stafford.

Glenn and I will celebrate Easter today with Stafford. We have an Easter ham and, of course, treats.


azandersens said…
Glad to see that the little guy arrived! Was he born at the hospital? 3 1/2 hours is pretty quick.
Kelly said…
We did a planned home birth this time. It was so peaceful and relaxing. My labor was less painful too and I think it was because there was no stress.

So I've had four very different births
1. c-section
2. Hospital birth - we barely made it to the hospital in time
3. Unplanned home birth
4. Planned home birth
Jen said…
YAY! I'm so happy for you, and thrilled that your home birth went well. You both look beautiful! Congrats!
Jody said…
I'm so happy to hear that your little guy is here and everything went well! Stafford is a great name - sounds strong.
Chelsea said…
Congrats Kelly and Glenn!

He is a beautiful boy! How big was he? How was home birth? I'll have to call you and get the details!
Tereza said…
Congrats on the arrival of your new little bundle!!
Lindsay said…
Congrats, Kelly! He looks absolutely beautiful. You're amazing that you can do the home thing, because that means no EPIDURAL! I did that once, and for me, once was enough! Good for you!
Anonymous said…
Now there's six of you and I can tell you that six is a wonderful number. Happy Baby to you! Only I am disappointed that there will be no 911 tape to replay for this one--Warrick's unplanned home birth made for quite the story. Glad this one was more peaceful.

Much joy your way--
Amie H.
SAH in Suburbia said…
Congratulations! Came to visit - I'm on the homemoms email list with you! You look fabulous for just having a baby!
I now have a blog! I read yours often and enjoy it very much!

I will add more to mine soon.
Erin said…
Hi Kelly, it's Erin... Aunt Gay showed me your blog and it's adorable! We are pretty new to the blogging world, but I LOVE it already! It's such a fun way to keep in touch!

I will be checking out your cute family to see all the fun things you are up to.

Congrats on your new little baby! He is a doll!
Jo said…
Kelly, things look so great! What a sweetheart to add to your collection. A nice looking line up here - hearty congrats! Best of luck with everything going on and all the readjusting that comes with throwing another into the mix. 4 boys is the only way to go!
Chelsea said…
O.K. I know you are a new mom and all, but we would love to see a few more pictures of the new babe.. you know, in your spare time:)

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