Father and Son Campout

For those of you who are not aware, most wards organize a father and son campout every year. It is something the boys look forward to and talk about throughout the rest of the year. This year Glenn had three boys for the evening and Stafford and I hit the mall. I picked up Warrick after shopping and just P, C and G slept under the cold, cold stars. (It dropped to about 28F. Brrrrrr.)


Erin said…
What a blast! Patrick CANNOT wait to have some boys so he can go camping with them. I love to go camping, but I don't think any part of sleeping outside in freezing weather sounds like fun! What can I say... I'm much to girlie for that!

I'm glad you like my playlist. You know, happy, simple music can always bring a smile to my face! I love it!

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