No House

We accepted an offer on our house on Monday and then ten days later we have since closed on our house, packed all our things, and cleaned our house. Mind you these tasks were done with four boys, including a newborn, Glenn working full time and a baby blessing thrown into the mix. What does this all amount to? INSANITY! I have never been so busy. We now have boxes filling our front room (we are now living in Glenn's parents' house until we decide if and where we will build or buy. His parents are on an LDS mission so they are not actually living here) and there are boxes lining the carport. I want to go through each box and organize since I wasn't able to on the way out. We'll see how long I stick to that idea before I say, "Just throw it all in storage."
So there is the update. Hopefully life will slow down a bit.


Erin said…
We would love to help you guys! Please give us a call... or even better, we will call you soon to see what we can do!
Anonymous said…
I didnt' realize you weren't staying there while his parents are gone. Yikes. Moving is not fun. Why did you move?

Best of luck with all the boxes. We have been here for a year now and we finally finished unpacking last weekend. I figure, why unpack? We'll just move soon anyway. :)

Jo said…
Wow Kelly! This is crazy busy - it is so hard to move and have major life change with a new born babe. Good luck to you -
Kelly said…
Thanks guys for your notes. It helps just to know someone is thinking of you even if there isn't much you can do. We have finished hauling things and now I just have to catch time to organize and figure out where to put everything.

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