We were planning on putting our house on the market as soon as we moved out and could clean the place, but just for the heck of it I put it on craigslist. Less than a week later I have a contract in my hands and they are willing to pay the asking price. The lady will meet with two lenders tomorrow to see if she can qualify and close quickly.

Just one of the many things going on right now. I will see if I have time to write about them another time. Right now I'm tired as we spent all day at Glenn's parents' house. They spoke in church today and will report to the MTC tomorrow. they are going to New Jersey. We will then start sleeping in their house next week.

I will try to keep you posted.

Here are a couple pics of our house since most of you have never been here. Sorry I don't have time to post more. I am very tired and we're moving a bunch of stuff tomorrow.


Jody said…
Wow - I didn't even know you guys were moving. So are you going to move into Glenn's parents' house while they are on their mission? That's great that your house sold so easily! We'll have to try craig's list when it comes time to sell this one. His parents live in Springville or somewhere down there, right?
Erin said…
I cannot believe your house sold so quickly! What a blessing! Your house is adorable!

It was so fun to see you guys on Sunday! We need to plan get-togethers more often. As soon as you get settled, let's have a BBQ at our place!
Chelsea said…
Springville is just a little bit closer and I think I can remember how to get to Glenn's parents house - I mean your house! I am sorry you have to move. It is a terrible experience! Good luck to you!
Anonymous said…
Hi guys--
Sorry you have to move, but no fair, too! And to Springville of all places--the promised land! And you'll be there just in time for the Art City Days parade and all of that fun stuff. And your kids will get to attend Glenn's old grade school at Sage Creek! And , and, and. . .Do I sound homesick? :) I am. Really I am sorry you have to move with a brand new baby. I feel your pain and I hope it goes smoothly--as smoothly as possible, that is.

Julie said…
So, what's up with the house, now? Hope it's going smoothly.

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