Quite a Pair

I'd like to brag a little bit about my dad. My dad may not be able to beat up your dad, but let me tell you what he can do.

My dad inspires kindness. He is full of compasion and unconditional love. I have always known that he loves me. I have always known that he would stick by me. I have always known that he would have time to chat with me, even if it is the seventh time I have talked to him about the same problem. He founded my fan club and has faithfully remained one of it's few members. He has always believed in me. As I grew up he built me up and gave me confidence to go out and try new things. I knew he would be there if I fell. I'm thankful for growing up with my dad and consider myself very lucky (blessed) to have such a dad.

I love my dad and even though his role has changed a bit as I have grown older and gotten married, he has always been close by, just in case. That means so much to me. Thanks dad and happy birthday.


Becky said…
They look so much alike! Cool Dad.

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