How I Make Cheesy Beef and Rice

I gather all my ingredients.

I start cooking the rice and meat.

The boys are playing Pokemon cards.

Warrick says,  "There's a weird bird in the backyard!"  
Stafford says,  "I'm going to kill it."  

They all go outside.

I finish cooking ground beef and brown rice.

Stafford and Warrick come back inside.

Warrick says, "Stafford has a weird bug in the house!" .

I say, "Take it outside."

Warrick exits.
Stafford exits.
Weird Bug exits.

I drain the grease from the meat.

Warrick says, "There's a butterfly in a cocoon and it's head is bleeding!"

I mix the beef and the rice.

Stafford peeks his head in the door.  "We just found cat poo.  Hurry!"  .

I mix in yogurt, seasoning and milk and put the food in a casserole dish.

Stafford holds the door open and Christian hollers.  "I just touched cat poo and can't get the water to turn off!"  

I say, "Put the hose on the grass until I can get there."

Christian says with a hint of panic, "There's not a hose attached!"

I go out to find loads of water spilling out right by our foundation.

I can't get the water to turn off.


Christian says, "I'm going to take a bath."

I finally get the water off and add cheese to the casserole and put it in the oven at 350 degrees.

Time passes.

Warrick and Stafford come to report.

Warrick says, "We gave the butterfly a flower even though it's head is bleeding."

I sit down to write this blog before I forget how my life really is.

Warrick says, "Come on Stafford.  Let's go check on that butterfly.  I'ts probably going to bleed to death."
Stafford says, "Let's get it a band-aid."

Stafford says  " I need to take the butterfly to my horsey stuff.  Because it has a doctor's office and I need to fix him."

Warrick says, "Mom, you need to see this.  It's very, very sad.."
I stop typing this post to go see the butterfly because "it's very very sad".

Warrick says, "I need to go inside."

Warrick goes inside.

I take pictures and then I go inside.

Warrick is kneeling at the couch praying.  He looks up like he was caught and goes back outside.

Warrick comes back inside.

"It's coming out of the cocoon!"

Warrick exits.

Warrick re-enters.

He runs and gets Christian out of the bathtub.

They go out to the butterfly.

Warrick calls in to me.  "It has it's wings out.  I think it's going to live!"

Christian gets an idea that if the cocoon was attached to something that the butterfly could get out.  He pokes a pin in the end of the cocoon and it pulls the butterfly out.

The casserole is done.


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