Your Best Race

There is an amazing woman in our ward.
She is kind.
She is friendly.
She has great ideas.

One of these ideas was a once a week event that focused on fitness.
She had games of capture the flag, tag, relay races, sharks and minos, and a walking school bus home from school.

One Saturday, we had a "run your best race", race.
The kids all had name tags with 3 strips of paper on them.

 After each lap they take a strip off and put it into a box. 
The more laps you ran, the more prizes you would get. 
Everyone brought toys from their house to make up the prize table.  

When your name was pulled out (everyone got something) you were able to choose from the wealth of treasures on the table.

Here all the kids wait for their names to be called.

Christian and Jared G.
Stafford going at breakneck speed.


Cumorah said…
How cool. I might even enter a race like that!

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