A Great Hike For Kids

Owen's Loop is my new favorite kid friendly hike.

It is not crowded like some Southern Utah hikes.  
As a matter of fact, you will most likely find yourself alone.
The trail head is not well marked.
It is short.
It is easy.
Our boys love it.
There are rocks to climb on.
Lizards to chase.
And views.

On one side you will find views like this.

And views like this on the other side.

This looked like a mini-cave dwelling.

 Porter thought it would make a good picture if he climbed into one of these holes.
I think climbing out was more difficult than he anticipated.

 There are cairns to follow when the trail is faint.  
Glenn informed us that they are called cairns, not Karens.  
Suddenly, it became really fun to call them Karens.
Below we have a Karen.

Rocky - double meaning


Kelly, I would love to hear what else you like to do in St. George. We're thinking of taking a trip there and haven't been.
Kelly said…
Hi Mindy,
Owen's loop is found if you go north on main street. It dead ends into a park and there the trail starts, but you have to look for a trail to the left. It is small and isn't marked until you get more into the hike. We also like the "Dead Animal Museum" look under my labels under Grandma and Grandpa and I talk about that. Washington has a pool like Lehi's pool. There are some pioneer houses to look through, the temple visitor's center and of course Zion's. Downtown has a great splash pad. Also, Cedar City has great things too - must plug my home town. Kolob Canyon in between St. George and Cedar City. I could go on. Call me if you want more details. 801-735-5832.

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