July 20th, 2012 - Everyday Life

I just heard thunder.  Summer rain makes me smile.

Our orange and yellow plastic car is in the middle of the grass.  There is a bucket next to the trampoline and the hose is curled like the letter J in the middle of it.  My four boys, plus two of their friends, just chased a deer out of our yard and tried to pelt it with a water balloon.  The deer interrupted a game of Battleship.  There are red balloons splattered across our lawn.  I asked them to clean them up.  The older boys claim they can't see them since they are red/green color blind.  I didn't buy it.  I'm sure if they were red pieces of candy, that they could find them somehow.  I told them to just feel around if they can't see until they find the balloons.  I think they figured it would be faster to see.  They cleaned them up.

The Game of Battleship
Bensen R., Porter, Warrick, Stafford, Will B., Christian

I'm now in the office, trying to read my scriptures, but the tiny, high voices from the other room are distracting me.  The thunder causes me to pause and stare outside and I can't help to be thankful for the mugs of hot chocolate that are scattered across my kitchen.  For some reason hot chocoalate makes everything fun - they were cold after a water fight and I thought it a perfect excuse.  Now they are sitting in the family room playing Skylanders on the Wii.  There are six boys in there, all talking out of turn and there are two boxes of Legos and Magnetix poured all around them.

It is a summer day.

I've done my laundry and even dusted the machines.  I scrubbed my shower, cleaned the boys' deadly toilet so the pee smell no longer permeates into the hallway, tidied the kitchen and cleared off the computer desk.  I even filled several water balloons to donate to "the cause".

I have not yet showered and when I tried to exercise by walking up and down my hill, Stafford came running out, partially naked.  He wanted me.  I gave him a hug and went in with him.  He seemed so worried.  I'll exercise tomorrow.  I'm trying to stay on a schedule so I should really get on my my day anyhow.  We are out of eggs so I tell them it is a cereal morning.  Half of the kids like that idea and half don't.  I explain that it is what it is and I'm not going to the store right then. I have a schedule to keep Maybe tomorrow I'll buy some.

Warrick and Christian just came bouncing into my office.  I should be reading my scriptures, but I'm writing about my day and being distracted. They are hoping to get the money they earned with my little summer program.  It has worked well this summer.  They are both buying something on amazon.com. They want the "free super shipper savings".  Or is it shipping free super savings?  Whatever.  They want free shipping.  Each of their items don't equal $25.  To get the free shipping you have to order $25 worth of stuff.  So they had to order together and save until they could each pay their fair share.  Today is the day they have been waiting for.  Porter has close to $200, but he doesn't spend his money.  He's saving for a car.


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