Aspen Grove May 2012

Glenn and I cannot stop talking about this place.
When we first got there, Christian said, "Mom, did we spend our Disney Land money on this?" Picture his nose scrunched up a bit.
When we left he said, "Can we spend our Disney Land money and come again this summer?"

The schedule roughly, goes like this.
Classes -  Kids go with other kids their age and do crafts, swimming, games, etc.  Parents have Education Week type classes, crafts, pottery, hiking, ropes courses, or whatever you feel like doing.
Lunch - with time to spare for free time.  My kids usually wanted to fish for free time.
Classes again
Family time - They have various evening activities or you can do your own thing.  Frontier Night, Family Dance, Family Games (Aspen Follies) and a fireside activity with skits and such.

It was so relaxing and we met great people and ate great food.  It doesn't get much better than that.

Glenn took a pottery class in which he was the only student.  
The studio was over the river and I soon decided that it was the most beautiful spot in Aspen Grove.

Here is the view from the pottery studio looking up the river.  
Add the sound of rushing water and it really is amazing.

Some other things that Glenn and I did were hiking to Stewart Falls, making wooden pens, ropes courses, golf simulation, spiritual classes, badminton, and just sitting in the shade and talking.
I thoroughly enjoyed target shooting with BB Guns and doing archery.  It turns out that I like to shoot things.
Stewart Falls
Frontier Night
Find all four kids

Tomahawk throw
Indian stories in a Tepee
Airsoft target shooting
Mining for gold.

Riding a "horse"
Long bow
Mini Western Village
Stafford doing his part in a family competition on the last day.
 Warrick and Stafford were in the same class and their teachers are below.

Christian and Porter's Teachers

The Head Chef.  We came to love him through his food.

This was our cabin.  We loved it.  Even when I look at it now, my heart is happy.
We made good memories that weekend.


Ruth said…
What a great place for family!!!! We would love that. So you like to shoot things?! lol

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