Memory Lane in Logan

May 2012

Glenn's boss in Canada had a wedding reception in Logan for his daughter.  We have been wanting to go back and this was a perfect excuse.  We took the kids to campus, our apartments when we were dating, and our favorite restaurant, The Blue Bird.  The Blue Bird is special because my grandparents used to go there when they were dating.  My parents took me there when I was moving to Logan and then Glenn and I went there when we were dating and later as a married couple.

Lund Hall where my Grandma's dorm was when she went to USU

The Quad

If you kiss on this "A", under the right circumstances, you become a "True Aggie". 

We have touched temples all across the U.S. and added a new one.


azandersens said…
I love the Blue Bird. I'll have to tell you abt when I stole a plate once. It totally wasn't my fault! :/ My question is, are you a "True Aggie"?
Kelly said…
The question is not if I'm a True Aggie, but how many times I'm I became a True Aggie. ;)

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