Birthday Boy and Christmas Toys

There are two great things that happened this week.

#1 is that I got all (except two things for Glenn that I can get while the kids are with me during the week) my Christmas shopping done. IT feels so good. I've always wanted to get it done by Thanksgiving, but I never have and I'm happy with getting it done by Dec. 14th. Now to make candy plates to share and send Christmas cards.

#2 Christian had his 7th birthday party.

Note for anyone who is going to have a party made up of a bunch of rowdy boys - Soldier party is the way to go. I was the drill sergeant and I would call for attention and expected everyone to stop and freeze at attention. Sometimes when they would get really crazy some would mess around at attention. Here is the hilarious part. Since we were in basic training and I could get away with having them drop and give me five. It really worked and the boys were soaking it all in. They were great and we had rescue missions all throughout the house. I don't know of any party that you can get away with getting them to do just what you want and for them to think it is fun. This has been my favorite theme so far.

Christian wanted a Christmas Tree Cake from the cake pan he got as a white elephant gift at the reunion in Idaho. One man's trash is Christian's treasure.


Jen said…
Happy Birthday to Christian!

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