On Christmas Eve we drove back to Lehi from St. George and had pizza at our house with Grandma and Grandad Small. Then Grandad and the boys enjoyed a great game of Candy Land. The evening ended after we drank hot chocolate and took turns toasting to whatever our hearts desired. We toasted to families, Mary and Joseph and on Porter's turn he exclaimed, "To cats and dogs!" The excitment peaked when Glenn thought he heard something and candy came shooting through the open sliding door. Santa was nearby!!!

On Christmas morning we read from Luke and Christian, Porter, Warrick and Grandma were the main characters. We opened a few presents, ate a great breakfast prepared by Dad and then opened the rest of the presents.


Jen said…
How sweet that Grandma played in the nativity! Glad you had a nice Christmas!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for stopping by Modern Molly Mormon! I have to say I LOVE that pic of your boys dressed as Missionaries! Too cute!
Kelly said…
I found MMM through Jen's profile. It looks like a fun site and I look forward to reading more.

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