Our week

Glenn usually is the family beautician and at times will give me a little trim, but last night we got really adventurous and he put layers in my hair. It turned out quite well. The money we saved on the cut will probably have to be paid in marriage counseling, but I think he’s got himself a new client.

Some other eventful things this week were Christian had his first choir concert in his life. He has been going to choir every Wednesday before school all year. It was really fun to see him even though at times he wasn’t paying attention to his conductor and was paying attention to everything else – especially the kids behind him. (I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree- my A Cappella friends know what I’m talking about.)

Without contacting the household authorities, Christian rallied his brother’s together. They got a shoe for each person (including Glenn and I) and put it in front of each person’s bedroom door. Some of you may know that in Holland the kids put out their shoes on December 6th and then there is a gift or treat left inside of them. We have done this in our family before (we did it as I grew up too) but I figured I could do it when I got around to it and that the date December 6th didn’t really matter. I’m not sure if Christian picked this date randomly or if he remembered, but all of our shoes were placed nicely in front of our doors. He didn’t say a word to Glenn or I, but just went to sleep. I mean why would he tell us since putting the candy there had nothing to do with us, but everything to do with the elves? Glenn and I knew something was up when he said he would sleep in his room. Here is a little background. About a month ago we moved Christian’s room downstairs into Glenn’s old home office. His excitement lasted two nights and then he got scared. There were a lot of cords down there for the computer and phone and such and he was sure it would start a fire and he’d be the first to get burnt. So Porter let him share his bed since it was a queen size and they have been sweetly sharing ever since – even though we cleared out the cords from his room. Anyway, back to the shoes in front of everyone’s door and nothing to put in them. It is late. I’m ready to jump into my warm bed. Our sons are expecting some kind of treat from the “elves” and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the store. I thought of making a treat, but that would be a pain too. This is where my testimony of the church’s preparedness program begins. Our 72 hour kits! Yes! I had found a solution. I crept out to our garage and dug through a couple of the bags and there I was with new, exciting candy ready to be deposited in their shoes. Kids were happy in the morning and all was well thanks to the church’s council to put together 72 hour kids for a time of emergency.

I’m warning all of you that are reading this update to PLEASE get your houses in order. Get your food storage together and get your 72 hour kits updated. Don’t delay. I bare witness that you never know when you will need them. It may be in the middle of the summer or it may be on December 6th, but there is a good chance that you may need them – or at least the candy in them.


azandersens said…
I'm lol about your whole post, but especially the comment about ACappella. Those were the days . . .
Kelly said…
Ahhh, the days.
Jen said…
LOL! I'm glad you remembered your 72 hour kits! We are working hard this year to get our food storage "up to par."

What a fun tradition with the shoes. We are starting this year with Sankta Lucia traditions, and I'm excited to start honoring my heritage in this way.

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