Family Traditions

Family Traditions
(A friend of mine is putting together a book of family traditions and asked me to write ours down. I decided to post too. This is what I could think of right away.)

Easter we meet with my dad’s side of the family and go to “Easter Mountain” in Zions National Park. The Easter Bunny leaves candy and then the kids search the mountain for it. The next day we have an Easter Egg hunt with my Mom’s side of the family.

May Day (the first of May) we give flowers to our Grandmother on her doorstep or if we live far from family then we find someone else’s grandma so share flowers with.

One tradition I would like to start is for Mother’s Day all I ask for is time to go to women’s conference which is around the same time. (at least when I don’t have a nursing baby) Anyone want to join me?

We spend the 4th of July with my family and sister-in-laws family and go to the Cedar parade and then Paragonah's City games and races. (Porter has won his race every year. I think it helps that he is about a foot taller than the kids his age. That is a hard tradition to keep up with.)

The Monday after Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas tree and dance to Christmas music.

On December 1st we open a gift that my mom gives to us. It is usually a Christmas decoration.

Throughout December the elves leave little candy skittles in the kids shoes that they leave out. It shows that the elves are watching them.

We camp at least once a year.
Boys go on Fathers and Sons outing every year.
Our cats get special food on holidays.

We go to Lagoon every year with the cousins on my side.

We go somewhere different every year for a reunion on Glenn's side of the family.

On birthdays we measure each kid on a special 2x4 piece of wood so it is easy to see how tall each kid was at each age and compare for fun. The birthday boy/girl gets a special plate and cup to eat from.


azandersens said…
Kal, I haven't stalked you in forever b/c I didn't think that you ever updated your blog. Now I'll be checking in more often. I can't believe that you're having another boy!! I guess one bonus is that when Fathers & Sons comes around you get the whole weekend off w/out any kids. :)
Kelly said…
It's the stalkers in our lives that make us feel important. :)
I just recently started to update my blog. Mostly because I love reading other friends blogs that live so far away and I miss. Thanks for stopping by.

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