Lions and Lambs

Yesterday our boys were fighting like you wouldn't believe - or maybe you would. Glenn and I just looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

Today they have been best of friends and were having so much fun playing together that they didn't even want to go "somewhere fun".

I am reminded once again to not worry too much about bad days. Bad days will come, but the beauty is that they will go as well. The lesson is to remember to enjoy the good days while they are here and to just get through the bad ones because tomorrow is truly another day - especially with kids.


Anonymous said…
Sometimes I think I only have lions. Four lions. Should I hod out for a lamb? :)

Good luck with the pregnancy. You're almost there, right?

Kelly said…
Amie, I'm so glad you stopped by.

I have no idea how long this pregnancy will be. All of my boys were late and Warrick was 10 days late. I'm trying not to hold my breath, but I sure am getting sore!
Jen said…
Hang in there, you are so close. The end is always the hardest part.

Kelly said…
THanks Jen. I appreciate encouragement instead of yelling at me that I ought to be induced. I know you understand.
Jody said…
Whenever the baby decides to come, I think the bigger issue here is that Glenn not try to play doctor again. :)

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