Valentine's Day and Last Weekend

Very early in the morning Christian came barging into my room announcing that Kenny, the cat, had rabies.

"She doesn't have rabies." I mumble.

"She's acting all funny."

"She doesn't have rabies. Just put her out."

A bit later, it's hard to tell how long it had been since I had drifted back to sleep, I hear him rattling the door. He was struggling with something. He finally struggles enough to turn on the light and there he is holding an old cookie sheet filled with all the fixings of breakfast. After the cat incident, he had brought me breakfast in bed. There was a jug of water, milk and orange juice as well as a box of cereal. He had placed a cup with some water on it too and put a little cereal in the bowl. I was very surprised and mostly just pleased with the thoughfulness.

Then later in the morning the boys each brought me a card. A few days before, Glenn had them dictate a message to me. It was so fun to read them.

That's all I ask for Valentine's Day, just a little something to make me feel special and that is what I got. It was great. Plus my parents were here for most of the day and that made the day great too. It is such a nice change of pace when they come.

In keeping with a tradition that my dad started when I was a kid, I left everyone in the family (including me) a treat and a card on the front porch and ran. (Actually, I didn't run because that is no longer something my body will agree to do. I placed it all on the porch and then knocked on our front door from the inside and slipped downstairs before the boys upstairs could get to the door.)
That night Glenn and I watched a movie and the boys watched a separate one.

Also I will attach some pictures of last weekend when Glenn, Porter and Christian all went on a road trip to Wyoming to see cousin Eric speak in church before he goes into the MTC.


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