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Friday, February 1, 2008

True Greatness from President Hunter

"There are some among us who are unhappy with their lives because they have wanted to achieve a measure of greatness in this life but now feel they have failed in some fundamental way. . . . "[Joseph F.Smith wrote:] 'Those things which we call extraordinary,remarkable, or unusual may make history, but they do not make real life. " 'After all, to do well those things which God ordained to be the common lot of all mankind, is the truest greatness. To be asuccessful father or a successful mother is greater than to be a successful general or a successful statesman.' (Juvenile Instructor, 15 Dec. 1905,p. 752.) . . . "True greatness is never a result of a chance occurrence or a one-time effort or achievement. It requires the development of character. It requires a multitude of correct decisions for the everyday choices between good and evil."


Jen said...

What a lovely quote. I'm going to print this out and put it on my mirror.

I just saw your ticker is only 47 days to go! That's so exciting.

Kelly said...

I'm glad you liked it. It hit home to me too. I think society helps us to forget what really matters and what a great accomplishment really is. Something that will live on after you leave the earth is something that is worth spending you time on improving.