The Mouse

Our cat Kenny found a little mouse to play with this morning. It was about 1-2 inches long - just a baby. She would chase it and then lay down and the mouse would run to her chest for safety. Quite weird, but interesting to watch. Porter and Warrick thought it quite interesting too. They got really close to the game. Warrick bent over as though he was going to touch the dirty (probably disease ridden) mouse when suddenly he stood up and had a weird look on his face.

"Did you touch the mouse?" I was a bit grossed out about that.

"It's in my pants!" he said with urgency.

His gait was strained as he walked toward me. I couldn't help but to laugh. I was worried about searching his pants for the little thing, but who else would do it? The neighbor? As I searche he hollered, "It's biting me!" This hit me really funny and I couldn't stop laughing because there was no mouse, but he was sure freaked out. I think it may have climbed up a bit, but jumped out. He had no bites on him. Porter verified that it had climbed on his brother.

The funny part that I found out about later in the day is that that morning my mom was trying to calm him down while talking to him on the phone. (When he is sad he likes to call Grandma.) Nothing was working so she gave him something to think about and told him about a wild mouse. (Great idea Grandma ;)

"A wild mouse?" he questioned.

"Yes, with big teeth." she said. He had finally stopped crying.

"Here talk to my mom." He gave me the phone and was finally calm, but I think he didn't want to talk about it.

Who knew a "wild mouse" would attack him later that morning. Poor little guy. He must have been terrified. He talks about it proudly now and tells all who will listen that a mouse went in his pants and bit him. Men love war stories.


Jen said…
Oh sick. I would be so freaked out. I hate mice. All I can think of is the Honta virus. Aaaack!
Lindsay said…
I cannot believe that you were not completely freaking out! I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of mice. You are one brave mother!
Kelly said…
Listen, I was freaked out, but someone had to save the day. I really was relieved when I found his pants empty.

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