If it looks like a duck...

So, one might think that they are on a peaceful drive to church, well not very peaceful because you're late, but relatively peaceful. You are not paying attention to much (including the speed limit) and you are lost in your thoughts. When suddenly, and you didn't even see him enter the road (remember you were not paying attention), there is a crazy man smack dab in the middle of your lane waving his arms as though he is being attacked by some unseen force. Then, with his left arm, the one that is not still fighting off the invisible demon, he points to the parking lot just off the road next to the parked police car with the radar gun on a tri-pod. It is at that point that you realize that, though all signs point to crazy, it is in fact, an officer of the law. To top it off, you are from out of the country and just so happen to not have your license with you. What does this amount to? Well, Glenn doesn't want to talk about it, but I will tell you it amounts to one fat ticket.  Sigh.
So remember, when in the country up north, if it looks like a crazy man and acts like a crazy man then it might be, but it also might be something else.
Side note: If someone is not paying attention enough to miss a police stake out, I'm not sure that it is a wise idea to jump in front of their speeding car. Yes, the element of surprise is there, but I'm just sayin' it might not be the best idea.


Cumorah said…
Aah! What a booger. Those crazy Canadians. Good thing he didn't end up as a crazy smashed officer. I would imagine the ticket would be even more severe for that!

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