Stafford 2010


  • When I take Stafford places I'm often complimented on his blonde hair. Natural blondes are hard to come by in these parts.
  • 12-18-10 Gu-scusting = anything gross
  • 12-17-10 This boy loves John Wayne movies - even the black and white. I thought he just picked up how to ride a horse and shoot a gun, but he came to me with a Lego piece that looked like a mug and said, "Mom, you want Copee?" Copee = Coffee.
  • 12-06-10 Lellow = yellow
  • 11-29-10 When looking for binkie he states, "Wa ma binkie?" Sometimes he can get a bit panicked if it doesn't turn up soon.
  • 11-29-10 To wean my kids off their binkies, I gradually keep cutting the end. Stafford is undergoing that process, took it out and said, "Not working."
  • Swining in a swing he says, "Yeehaw," babble, babble, "Ca-boy" babble babble "Woo-hoo". Sometimes he gets ahead of himself and as he speaks he only enunciates (sp?) the main words of the sentence and simply leaves out all the vowels of the other words. Good enough. We know what you mean.
  • If he wakes in the middle of the night he won't cry or scream, but will say, "Mom, Ah nee new." His little voice is so calm and barely raised in volume. He usually just goes back to sleep, but that is so hard to resist. Last night he said, "Mom, Ah nee help." That was a new one that I didn't resist.
  • This little guy has to have his three "b"s to get to sleep. Bottle, binkie and blankie. I have indulged him without any thought of weaning him from these things. Something I may regret later, but right now I love to see him cuddled up with the things that he loves.
  • "Potsee" = pizza


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