Warrick 2010


  • "Redicleus!"
  • 12-30-10 Warrick's stools were, lets say...soft. I asked him what he ate. He said apple pie. Then he asked if the pie was rotten. Since he and Glenn were the only ones who ate it, I said, "I don't know, we'll see if dad gets an upset stomach too." Warrick said, "I have an upset butt."
  • 12-27-10 We got a heart rate monitor for Christmas. I was wearing it around the house just to see my heart rate go up and down. I was joking that I must be mad because it went up. Later that night I was getting after the boys for fighting. Warrick grabbed my rist to look at the watch that shows heart rate and even though it wasn't showing a heart rate. He said, "Oh no it's 100 mom's mad!"
  • I can get him to do anything as long as I tell him I want to see how fast he can do it. Who would pass up a chance to show a skill set?
  • Wants to be called Dash. Everytime he watches the Incredibles, he will make this request and begin running around.
  • Loves to run "fast".
  • Loves birds and eggs.


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