The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Here is what has been happening this week at our house.

G and I have been watching 24 the show on DVD. It is a great suspenseful show and has kept us two early birds up late.

C. (6yo) informed me that he has been looking around his class to see if he can find a girl to marry. (She has to have the right look and the right style that would fit him.)

I have weird neighbors. One invited me in when she was dressed in nothing but her garments- very fitting garments. I tried to look away as we spoke and tried to understand how she could do such a thing with her teenagers around, but decided not to ask and to get out as soon as possible. Another neighbor kept looking at me suspiciously as I walked from my garage to my house. Finally I said, “Hi.” It came out like a mouse. He said “Hi.” And his came out like a mouse too. I felt we were in grade school. As a result of him glancing at me several times, I had to glance at him several times- you know to see if he was still glancing at me. I was thinking, “Why does he keep looking at me?” I have a feeling he was thinking, “Why does she keep looking at me?” He is grumpy and we stay away from him. Not to alarm anyone, but if I ever come up missing, check there first.

W. (1yo) is starting to mimic words that we speak to him. He will say, “Go, cracker, momma, and make animal sounds.” Spontaneously he will say “Thank you, bye (his version) and will shake his head either yes or no and boy does he make good use of his pointer finger and his grunts.

Anytime I ask P. (3yo) what he wants, he says, “What DuDuce having?” Translation: What is C having? He wants to be just like C and won’t make a decision without knowing what C is doing. He will sometimes say every word C says – or at least until C has had enough. C started waiting for P to choose before he chose the opposite, but I explained to C that P thinks he is so neat and wants to be just like him when he grows up – just like C wants to be just like his dad. C accepted this responsibility and things have been a little more harmonious.

C. (6yo) came to me one morning all dressed ready for school. He had a long sleeved red Cat in the Hat shirt with some of P.’s red pants. Let me mention that the reds were two different shades and the pants were more like Capri pants than like regular pants. “C, if you’re going to wear that you at least have to wear you boots over your pants.” I instructed. It wouldn’t solve the color issue, but at least it would hide the several inches of bare skin just above his ankles. (He had crew type socks to accentuate the problem.) He then explained to me that he had to wear all red and that he was going to add a red jacket to the outfit too. Finally we got to the bottom of the matter. The kids had been playing Power Rangers at school and Josh claimed that he always got to be the red Power Ranger. It was only natural since he always had the most red on - his coat was red. So, the rule immerged that whoever had the most red got to be the red Power Ranger. Josh thought he had the trump card. Not so fast, Josh! C is on his way. C had a plan. (I’ve been to school before. I know the Josh type. I know they don’t go down easily. C didn’t know this, but I just sighed as I knew C was about to learn this. I have to admit that I was quite curious as to how it would all turn out, but I
didn’t tell him that Josh might strike back. You never know, maybe this time would be different.) Well, it just so happens, as C was having his snack that morning, he spilled almost his entire cup of milk down his front. I offered to hurry and wash them for him before school; I had to wash reds anyway. Turns out he found an actual Power Ranger T-shirt to wear instead. He said he didn’t really want to be red anyway and that the other Power Ranger colors were better. Call it Providence. Call it luck, but I think C was saved that day. Three cheers for milk! (I wonder if I wrote to Cream O' Weber if they would make a milk commercial based on our story.)

(This is not what he was wearing, but what he wore on all red day a few months ago. I just thought it would give you an idea of his idea of fashion. He actually did wear this one to school.)

I don’t know how things like this happen, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Let me explain. We went to Chuck-A-Rama last night. We had a pleasant time, but as we were leaving, C asked for a nice “clean white napkin”. That’s not too much to ask, so his wish is granted. He then proceeded to meticulously unfold the napkin, place his peanut butter cookie in the center and then carefully fold it up until it was simply a white napkin with something in it. He wasn’t hiding it, but I think he just thought to himself, “I really want this cookie, but I think I want to save it for later.” G (dh) and I looked at each other. He is his Great Grandma’s grandson. (Now if what I’m about to say incriminates her, please do not press charges; I will pay for any damages.) C doesn’t know this, but every time we would go to Chuck-A-Rama with Grams, she would come back to the table with a large assortment of desserts. We would think to ourselves, “Wow, Grams. You go girl!” But if you watch ever so carefully you will see her slip them first into a clean white napkin and then right into her purse. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


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