Mother at Home

I have another blog where I write my opinions on things, things I've been memorizing and thoughts on books I have read and where each week I read a section of the book in the title and then talk about it. I thought I'd share what I posted on the other site with you guys here. So far I have enjoyed the book even though it was written in the 1800's. I guess kids will be kids. (It is free on line - though I hope to purchase my own hardcopy. Notice the link below.)

Pages 53 -59

This section talks about not punishing accidents or ignorance, but another thing I was reminded of is to control ones emotions when accidents do occur. I read in another book this week that a mother and homemaker ought to demonstrate imperturbability. The dictionary says that imperturbability is an adjective that means "incapable of being upset or agitated; not easily excited; calm." We all need a little more imperturbability!


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