Trails in the Snow

The morning after a huge snow storm P (3yo) and C (6yo) were MIA. I looked out our sliding back door.

Our yard was blanketed in snow, but there were tracks all over. Looping, and zigging, and zagging. The boys had slipped out the back door and were experiencing pure joy.

That is one of my favorite things (no, not my boys sneaking out) tracks in the snow. I love it because for a child it represents happiness, adventure and freedom.

In just the little time that they had been out, every step they had taken was recorded by the broken snow. I knew exactly where they had gone. In the front yard I saw the many paths and detours they had made there too. They had smiles on their faces and their hearts were racing as they were just being kids. I don't think they stopped running until they came in crying because their hands were too cold.

That is fun. That is being a kid. Even after P was napping and C was at school, their tracks were still there to speak of the fun they had had.


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