Boys and Girls

Today during Sacrament Meeting Porter (4) kept hitting his head and falling to the floor. I tried and tried to get him to stop, but he continued. I started to worry about what had caused this self beating and remembered to when I used to volunteer to help a little autistic girl and of how sometimes she would do this. Everything in the chapel became quiet as my thoughts began to yell in my head. “Why won’t he stop? What is going on?” Then I followed his gaze to across the isle at Lindsey Jones (a six year old). She was staring his way and giggling at every slug he gave to himself. He would pop back up and smile back at her and begin again. At every recovery, his head now sporting a few pink spots from the blows, there she was with her long blonde hair and big brown eyes giving every ounce of her attention to my four year old son and he wasn’t going to stop for the world. Being quite relieved, I asked him, “Were you hitting yourself to make that girl laugh?” “Yes,” he laughed a little embarrassed and I laughed just thankful it wasn’t for any other reason. He then told me how pretty she was and said, “She’s saying, ‘Oh, my lovely husband.’” I guess that’s good. At least he doesn’t think he’s going to marry me anymore.

Here is a picture of Porter chatting with is grandad at a party we had at our house with Glenn's family.


Jen said…
LOL, my son used to hit himself for comedic effect at about that age!

Now that he's six, the little girls in his class try to give him candy & cereal pieces during church, and are always going out of their way to say hi. And he's totally clueless and starting to get into the "girls are gross" mentality. It's so funny to watch.
Chelsea said…
Hey Kelly,

I think working in special ed can definitely make you a paranoid parent! I am nervous every time my kids walk on their tip toes or do any sort of repetitive movement. Thanks for keeping a blog. It is great to get a chuckle from someone else's family happenings.
Kelly said…
Jen, I'm noticing more and more who the audience is for slap stick comedy. :)

Chels, Don't tell me I should be worried about toe walkers!

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