This week

Christian went back to school on Thursday. Christian didn’t want to go very badly, but seemed to have an okay time there. Porter was the most affected by him going back. It is almost like he went through a mourning period. Poor kid. It was pretty lonely for him without his best friend around. Christian also started taking Tae Kwan Do. He takes it very seriously, but loves to be involved in something.

Porter started soccer. He is in a league that goes up to six years old. He is quite a bit younger than the rest, but was happy to have a sport to participate in like his big brother. Christian turned into one of those annoying parents that yells from the sidelines and is a bit too hard on the kid. Glenn and I had to calm him down and tell him to let the coach tell him what to do so he isn’t confused. Porter would look up during the game and give a thumbs up. Every time he was called out for a sub he thought the game was over and started to leave. He had fun and I think his motto is, “Any kick is a good kick no matter which goal it is headed for.”

Warrick wishes he was in soccer, loves church is quite content to go anywhere, but as soon as we turn into our neighborhood he hollers, “No not home!”

Glenn is working hard like he always does, but is enjoying the fruit of his labors. He also started b-ball with the ward guys.

I’m switching gyms and will soon go to the same one that Christian takes Tae Kwan Do so I can workout while he does his thing. I just finished Train to Potevka – a book about a Russian spy, Solutions for LDS Families (great book – I hope to read it again someday) and Faith the Essence of Religion by Pres Hinckley (an easy yet good read). I’m still currently reading, Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way and Hypnobirthing. Now I need to find another book - so many choices and so little time.


Jen said…
My mom loaned me Train to Potevka and then took it back to reread before I even got a chance to pick it up! I'm hoping to still someday read it.

I think soccer is one of the funner little kid sports to watch. Have fun with that!
Jody said…
Kelly, I loved reading your blog. We saw it on your Christmas card and I'm glad I checked it out. It sounds like you guys are doing well. I can't believe you are having another boy!! When are you due? We tried to stop by and see you guys on New Year's while we were in UT but Kevin couldn't find your house (although he was POSITIVE he knew exactly how to get there) and doesn't have Glenn's cell phone number. Tell Glenn and the boys hi for us!
Kelly said…
It's a good book, but beware that there is a lot of side story about his life. I was mostly interested in the spy stuff. It was really eye opening. I really like WWII books, but this one hit home because I realized while all this was taking place I was in high school with little worries of the necessities of life.

I was so glad to see you stopped by and loved seeing your family in your Christmas card!
azandersens said…
How's the hypno stuff going? Did you get the stuff I sent you?

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