Warrick was sick this week

This was a sick kid week. Warrick had a bad cold or virus that he got from Porter from last week. (Porter was quite glad that Warrick got sick because he thinks it works like you have an object and if you can just get someone else to take it then you no longer have it. He felt bad for Warrick, but it’s a jungle out there and he was just relieved that he had “given the sickness” to his brother and no longer suffered.) Warrick is quite a bit better now, but there were a few rough days. We couldn’t go many places and I spent most of my time holding him. When I wasn’t holding him he followed me around saying, “My heart hurts.” Now I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t know where or what the heart is, but for some reason it really made me feel bad to see a small little body so sad and saying such a thing; it makes it seem so serious.

We had a sleepover on Friday at Glenn’s parents' house. That was fun. Since they live so close we don’t spend the night anymore and the boys thought it was a great treat. My nephew, Eric, lives with them while he waits to go into the Mission Training Center in February. My boys admire that kid and he taught Christian to play chess. That is Christian’s new thing and crochet has dropped to second place to chess. Glenn’s dad wasn’t there because he was in the hospital recovering from surgery. He is home now and seems to be on the mend.

Last night we all went to McDonalds. We were excited to be out of the house since Warrick didn’t have a fever or a runny nose. We got the kids ice cream cones and let them play while Glenn and I got to have a conversation. It was actually a great night. Warrick got a tickle or something in his throat or maybe he was choking; I’m not sure how it all started, but he was sitting with Glenn eating his ice cream when a strange cough started. Glenn then announces, rather too loudly since there were people around, “I think he’s going to throw-up!” Glenn’s next gesture is to send Warrick my way. I look up to see Warrick’s head going straight toward the nape of my neck. I felt things went into slow motion as I holler in a deep slowed down tone, “Nooooooo!” If someone is going to throw up on you, you don’t want it to be on your neck – not desirable. So being the loving mother I am, I say, “Don’t face him toward me!” Glenn sat him back down and got napkins and all was fine. Something that looked like it might be a bad situation turned out to not be so bad and the night went on.

We decided to trim Warrick’s hair. It started out that we cut just a little, but then it didn’t look right and so we cut more. This went on for quite awhile longer until we gave up all hope, got out the buzzer and now he has quite short hair. This makes me sad. I miss his crazy hair. The only thing that makes me not feel so bad is that I know we have another little man coming and we can do it all over again.

Here is a picture of Warrick with his long hair with his cousin Paige. Not the best picture, but you can get an idea.


Jen said…
There are some really rotten bugs going around the last few weeks. I hope everyone gets well and stays well at your house.
azandersens said…
You need to post a photo of Warrick. I don't know if I've seen one.
Glenn, I need your cellular number. Call me 208-313-3792.
Chelsea said…
You always state things in a way that makes me laugh! By the way, thanks for adding me to your book list!

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