Today was a different afternoon, instead of playing army with the boys that Christian usually hangs out with after school Christian played with a neighbor girl and her little sister. I was fine with that and actually liked the change since I know these girls to be very sweet girls. Well, I got a little more than I thought I would. When Christian came back he had a crochet stick (whatever they’re called) and a ball of yarn. He had learned to crochet while over at their house. He didn’t even want to eat because he wanted to keep going – he was making a blanket for his army toys. When I went to tuck him in tonight, he popped his head out of bed and looked very guilty. I looked in and he was crocheting. Who would have thought I would have had this problem? I guess you never know what to expect out of life. I think it’s sweet and maybe in a few months I’ll get a sweater out of it. Who can resist a homemade sweater? ;)

Here is my most recent picture of Christian. He is wrestling with my nephew that is the big brother Christian never had.


azandersens said…
When you called it a stick I was thinking maybe you were talking about croquet! It's a crochet hook, BTW. :) I'm a closet crocheter (is that a word) too.
Kelly said…
To think I've know you all these years... I guess I know who to go to for some warm mittens.

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