Lessons from my trainer. Song two.

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The next song that played was Smooth Criminal by David Garrett.
This brought back a flood of memories of our Canadian days.
The boys would gather around our computer in our little kitchen, one or two on my lap and the others standing around, and we would watch David Garrett youtube videos - at full volume.
Then just for the heck of it we'd have to listen to the King of Pop sing one of his own songs -
Our top picks were
"Beat It"
"Smooth Criminal"
or "Bad".
Sometimes if we were really feeling it, we'd let Weird Al show up with his video of
I had to ban the song "Fat" from our house when Stafford and Warrick kept singing
in public at inopportune times.
I think that line would get stuck in their heads and for some reason their internal dialog would cease to exist and out would come "You're fat, you're fat."
Not acceptable.


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