Lessons learned from my personal trainer. Song One.

I have a personal trainer
that happens to be a phone.
{We all know you are old fashioned if the only thing your phone does is make calls.
My phone also wakes me up every morning with little bells.
Once I programmed it to make the bell sound and then say, "You are beautiful."  
But then that creeped me out so I changed it back to simple bells.}
So after my trainer gives me a personal wake-up call, I get ready,
drink water (lemon water if I have lemons),
and we head out, my phone and I.
You see, the way I get a workout is by walking or running to the beat of whatever song is playing.
If it's fast, I run fast.
If it's slow, I walk.
I have no choice in the matter.
I just go as fast as my little trainer dictates.
It's nice to have someone push me like that.

Today a few of the songs that popped up took me down memory lane and also caused me to reflect.
(I'll mention my thoughts on one at a time since sometimes I can get long winded.)

The first song of note was, "Kung Fu Fighting".
This one made me happy/sad.
About three years ago we went though a phase of family dancing.
We spent SO much time dancing to this particular song.
The beat encouraged us all to do moves that you can't even imagine.
Everyone got into it and the kids loved when we would crank it up so the birds could hear it.
Here is a short post about it from three years ago.
(Notice how little they look and Stafford's mismatched socks with one just moments from falling off.)
This morning as I listened to the song I remembered all the boys trying to be "cool" (creative).
The picture was clear in my mind as
I remembered them trying to mimic the moves of their dad. 
(They never try to mimic me, but I don't let it get to me.)
I love those happy times.
Simple times.
And I miss them.
The sad part is that I don't think we could do it now, not like we could three years ago, with reckless abandon.
I'm happy I have those moments to look back on.
It is a reminder to enjoy each good moment as it comes because
things change,
children grow,
and we progress.
And the progression is what makes the memories beautiful.
We are reminded of what once was.
We can't go back because we have moved forward.
We have progressed.
That's the beauty.
If we were still in the same moment, it wouldn't have value - not like it does now.
We wouldn't cherish the events in life if they were not limited.
We would take them for granted. 
The fact that the moments can't be repeated increases their worth.
It encourages us to live in the present.
To slow down.
And to cherish.


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