Re-Entry After Vacation

We spent the week in Aspen Grove.  
It is the most relaxing vacation I have ever spent with a family of four kids.
EVERYONE came back feeling refreshed - even Glenn and I.
I cannot recommend this place enough.
It was a break from my regular schedule, from cleaning, from cooking and from the worries that plague a mother's mind about this child, that project, etc.
Everything was put on hold.
I stopped thinking about life and just enjoyed the moment.
I'll post more about the vacation later.

Right now I'm going to talk about re-entry into the real world.
I felt like I traveled in time.
You know in the movies when they travel in time it seems, to them, like they are gone for years, but when they get back it was only minutes.
I don't feel like we were gone for years, but I feel like we experienced so much and connected so much with each other as well as ourselves that when we came back, everything seemed to be going on just like the moment we left - though we were slightly different.

Anyway, to start to think about grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, chores, lessons, and such when I came home, was hard.

We took the Friday night to veg and watched movies with pizza.

On Saturday Christian was in a swim meet.
He got 4th.
I was proud of him.

Glenn and I went on a lunch date to Jason's Deli (I really like it there.) and
then we all went to the Lincoln Beach.
One parent watched as three kids played in the water and the other parent took one kid exploring on the four wheeler.

I've never driven a truck before, but it turns out that I love it.
We never pictured ourselves as truck people,
but, well, we are.

I'm chuckling to myself at Glenn's face, or rather his expression.  That's what I call the focus of a true truck driver.
The lake is shallow for a long ways until suddenly it drops down a couple of feet.  
Stafford found that out the hard way.
He was pretty sure he about died.
He doesn't understand that the water has to actually go over your head for it to be a problem.

The lake wrapped around the mountain that was full of trails.  
When we got to the top of a small peak we could see the moon on one side and the sun on the other and the lake all around.

My favorite part was riding with the boys.
For some reason they just start talking.
I enjoy hearing their thoughts and having no distractions.


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