The final lesson from my trainer that day.

{Continued from this post}

The last song my little pink trainer threw at me that day was, "Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim McGraw.
I've heard this song several times,
but on this early summer morning,
I began to think about what I would do differently if I only had a few weeks/months to live.

So here's what I would like to think I would do
1.  I would still get up early and exercise
because it's more than exercise to me.
It's therapy.
It's joy - a precious moment that I spend with myself (and my trainer).

2.  I would hire someone to clean my house.
I like a clean house, but I don't like to spend my time doing such things.
(I'd rather dance to "Kung Fu Panda"  or watch David Garret YouTube videos.)

3.  I'd still read scriptures and the words of the prophets because that lightens my soul.

4.  I'd still go to church because I'll need all the points that I can get.

5.  I'd attend the temple to feel peace and love from above and to pray for my loved ones that I'd be leaving behind. 
(Now I'm starting to tear up.  That would be the worst part - leaving my family.)

6.  And I'd play with my boys.

7.  I'd eat good food, but only good food.
No time to eat the tasteless stuff just for the sake of eating.

8.  I'd talk to my dad on the phone and probably my Grandma too.
(Of course my mom, but that's a given.)

9.  I'd get off of Facebook.

10.  And I'd smile at my boys EVERY CHANCE THAT I GOT.

11.  I'd do everything I could to make them feel important.
Because they are.
The gift I would want them to receive from me is an idea of their potential, a glimpse of how God sees them.

12.  And I'd love Glenn so that he would always know that he was cherished and that my heart was his.

13.  And I'd keep blogging because I wouldn't want these moments to be forgotten.

14.  I don't think I'd read much any more.
I love reading dearly, but I wouldn't have time for that.
I'd be too busy doing things with people.

15.  I'd focus on people.
Lifting them.
Talking to them.
Learning from them.
It's the people who live outside themselves who make an impact - on others and themselves.
Those who stay to themselves are seldom noticed when they go - like a whisper.
I read a quote the other day, "You cried when you came into the world and the people rejoiced.  Live so that when you leave the world the people cry and you rejoice."
In my mind that is living to the fullest - focusing on people.
Those are the people who knew what it means to live.

Live. now.


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