Western Roundup - Kanab

We met my parents and all of my brothers and their families in Kanab.
Kanab is where a lot of the old western movies were filmed.
The festival we went to used to have a lot of the old stars come back for a reunion of sorts.
I had to leave Glenn, Christian, and Porter home due to football.  
I was sad about that, but it turned out to be a great guys weekend for them.
They took a mountain drive and found "the best shakes ever" in Heber.
It looks like they are in pain, but they assure me that was not the case.
They also went to a high school football game, 
 and watched movies.
We, on the other hand, had a laid back weekend with cousins.
 Cowboy brothers watching Native American Dancers.
 And Warrick making a rope.
 The little village is where the kids wanted to spend most of their time.
They played there for a LONG time.
No fights.
No drama.
And the adults just relaxed.
 Here is most of the family watching the parade.
My brother, Paul, in the white shirt has his hand lifted into the air.
He said that is what cowboys do.
 A cowboy randomly stopped to show Warrick how to put on a cowboy had with style.
I loved this weekend.
It was slow paced and
I enjoyed talking to my family and seeing the cousins play.
Everyone seemed to get along and tried to be kind.
I realize that if I go back next year, it won't be the same.
Life is always morphing, twisting and turning.
Nothing is motionless.
My dad is 80.
He was a sport to come.
I know it's out of his comfort zone.
My mom was there.
She was diagnosed with cancer just days before.
It felt like a thin shadow hovering over us.
We are waiting to hear how serious it is.

I'm grateful for this trip.
It was a blessing and a sweet memory.


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