It's Porter's Birthday! A Decade Old.

Just after Porter turned 9, he won the 3rd-4th grade super bowl and then had oral surgery on his extra tooth that was in the roof of his mouth.
Porter was a Vampster for Halloween.
Half Vampire - Half Hampster

Porter ended his year by starting 4th grade.
So far he is loving school.
He has a bunch of friends in his class and is loving his teachers.
He actually seems to look forward to going.

He is always a child who has planned things out and thought things through.
It seems he is made of money and always has a bunch.
He doesn't spend his money on candy even when his three brothers are indulging.
As soon as he found out about mutual funds he hounded us often to get him one.
He liked the idea of more interest.
He now has a bank account and a mutual fund and knows how much is in them and has guestimated the amount of interest he should get each year.
He is also making plans for how he's going to get scholarships to school.

There are several kids that are not friends with the "sporty kids" at school.
Porter is kind to and inclusive and more than one mom has thanked me.
He feels deeply and it hurts him to think of someone's feelings being hurt.
He is sensitive and knows how it feels to hurt.

Porter has inherited my giggle bug that sometimes comes at inappropriate times.
I can't get mad at him for it because inside I'm wanting to laugh too. (I've learned to control it in my old age - usually.)

He has a good sense of humor and does a good job finding the humor in things.

He is not a procrastinator.

He is good at math.

He has a "crush" this year and blushes when he talks about her.

His best friend moved away last year and he was deeply sad.
He gets attached to people and places.
A new best friend emerged.
They have a great time together.

Porter is a lot of fun to have around.
He wants to be good.
He still loves to cuddle.
He loves a good hug.
He loves lay his head on my lap at church and feel close.

I love this boy!


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