Three Little Faces - the moments that make it worth it

Just a week or so ago, when Stafford started to think Kindergarten wasn't for him, I started walking the kids down to the bus stop.  He was always afraid it would leave him and it helped him to have me there.  It is far, as I've mentioned before, but I found it was a nice way to get my morning walk started.  I also found that it is one of those crossroads that create talk time between parent and child.  That, I really like.

They usually sign "I love you" from the window.  
I love that.
Then today, I'm not sure if it slipped out or what since it was in public,
Porter yelled, "I love you."
The little boys followed suit because if a 4th grader can yell "it" then surely a 2nd and Kindergartener can get away with it.

The other day Porter said, "Mom, thanks for walking us to the bus.  It really  means a lot to Stafford and me.  I don't know about Warrick, but Stafford and I really like it."


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