Off to Calgary

Glenn was in Calgary this week.
He went to what they call the President's Meeting.
It's pretty cool that he got to go this year.
He didn't leave for the airport until 8:45 on Monday, which is a lot later than his usual 6:30 departure time.
He took Christian to school* and walked the younger boys to their bus stop***.

*I love taking Christian to and from school.  He talks about his day, about his worries, about his grades, about his homework, about his friends and about any other interesting encounter.  Those few minutes in the car have turned into lovely moments.
***My elementary aged kids walk CLEAR down the street to the first bus stop in order to get a good seat.  They walk past several bus stops - even in the winter and have to leave about 20 minutes earlier than they would to get to our bus stop.
It really cracks me up.
They really may as well just walk to school.  (Not really.)


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