Labor Day

Here's what we did this year.
Breakfast with Glenn's sister's family and parents.

Rearranged our garage to fit our truck for the winter.
We have lots more work to do, but decided to play instead of finish.

We drove up the canyon,
found a place to set up a table, shade tent, etc.
and rode our 4-wheeler.
Everyone got a bag of candy corn to put in the cup holder of their chair.
We had hot dogs and chips and made s'mores with Nutella for the chocolate.
The little boys were content to stay at base camp and catch grasshoppers and kill them.
The bigger boys wanted to ride.
I mashed both Christian and Porter on the back of the ATV.
They had a radio to communicate with base camp.
We all had fun riding together and chatting until we saw a huge bull/cow staring us down with no fence between us and him/her.
We weren't sure if it was a bull or just an extra large cow.
Either way, it didn't look happy that we were coming toward it and it didn't look one bit scared.
We made a quick u-turn and took off.
A good 4-wheeler ride always ends with a mad dash away from a large animal - I've always thought that.


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